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Fort Lauderdale Cares Day is coming to Riverside Park

Saturday April 25th is Fort Lauderdale Cares Day.

On April 25th civic minded volunteer activities will be taking place all over the city. But this year, Riverside Park will be the focus. Please join your neighbors, high school students, and volunteers from outside the neighborhood to help improve Riverside Park. Registration starts at 9am next to the Jehovah’s Witness church at 433 SW 20th Ave.

Activities to include: Litter Pick Up, Landscape Refreshes, Park Clean Up, & More!

Wrap party afterwards at noon in the park for all involved, sponsored by Riverside Market & the Residents’ Association.

As we’ll have people coming in from outside the neighborhood, we need to show everyone how much we care about our neighborhood. Please use the form below to pledge your help. If you have any questions, call Mike at 646-530-1840 or email, president@riversidepark.org.

Volunteer Activities to include:

  1.      Pick Up Garbage and Refresh the Landscaping Around Stranahan High School

  2.      Landscaping Refresh at Davie Blvd and SW 15th Ave Entrance

  3.      Plant up to 20 donated trees (with a focus on the SW part of the neighborhood)

  4.      Pick Up Garbage alone SW 15 Ave (from Davie Blvd to SW 5th Pl)

  5.      Trim Landscaping at street closure at 5th Place and 16th Ave

  6.      Landscaping Refresh at SW 18th Entrance

  7.      Pick Up Garbage along SW 20th Ave (from SW 2nd St to SW 4th St)

  8.      Landscaping Refresh at SW 11th Ave Entrance

  9.      Pick Up Garbage along SW 5th Ct (from SW 14th Terrace to SW 12 Ave)

  10.   Pick Up Garbage around The Riverside Market

  11.   Pick Up Garbage and clean off equipment and post “No Smoking” signs in Riverside Park and Coontie Hatchie Park

  12.   Landscaping Refresh at SW 19th Ave and SW 10 Ct

  13.   Remove shopping carts and large items through out

  14.   Fix up and clear the sidewalk path on SW 9th St (from SW 16th to SW 15th Ave)

  15.   Pick up garbage and clear sidewalk along SW 11th Ave starting at SW 5th Place

  16.   Clean and Repaint Electric Boxes 

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