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City of Fort Lauderdale to Chlorinate Water System

City of Fort Lauderdale to Chlorinate Water System Preventive Maintenance Scheduled for February 24 – March 17, 2015 The City of Fort Lauderdale will temporarily return to using free chlorine in its drinking water system. This preventive maintenance procedure will begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday, February 24, 2015 and will end at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 17, 2015. Free chlorination… Read more →

Auto Theft Prevention

Never leave an unlocked vehicle with the key in the ignition and the car running unattended (as when running into a convenience store or dropping kids off at school/daycare).  Do not leave the key to your vehicle inside your vehicle or hide a key around your vehicle. Lock your car doors with windows up. Park in well-lit areas. In your… Read more →

Congrats for the Most Unique Air Potato

Congratulations to our own RPRA board member, Dawn Joiner, for finding the most unique air potato at the Great Air Potato Round Up 2015. The Air Potato Round Up took place this past weekend on Jan 24th and at the end of event, several awards including “Most Unique Air Potato” where given out, and one of the air potatoes that… Read more →